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Sustainable Shopping Made Simple.

Concerned about the impact your shopping has on the environment?

You're not alone. Eco-anxiety is a common and growing concern for people around the globe. That's why we created askBelynda - to make it simple for you to find sustainable products while shopping online. Download our extension now and start making a difference in just a few minutes!

    By using our extension, you can support sustainable brands and make a positive impact on the environment.


    Our extension provides reliable recommendations for sustainable products, so that you can feel confident in your purchasing decisions.


    We do the research for you, so you can easily find sustainable products that meet your needs.


I've tried so many sustainable plugins and askBelynda is the BEST! Not only does it streamline sustainable shopping but I love how it shows me why that particular product is a sustainable choice. It really does make sustainable shopping simple!

- Katherine 

I absolutely love the convenience of having sustainable product suggestions that I can trust. It saves me time researching on my own. It functions as a gentle reminder that I can participate in the support of sustainable products, and it makes me feel good having confidence that I'm doing less harm.

- Raul 

This extension is AWESOME!! I remember thinking I would love to have a filter for sustainable products... then askBelynda came into my life. askBelynda is a dream come true for sustainable shopping. Thank you so much!!

- Rachel 

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