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That's why we choose sustainability.

We are a cooperative of like-minded people who care about the environment. We try to be conscious consumers ourselves and understand how complicated it is to navigate all the information out there with regards to how ‘green’ a product really is.


Realistically, consumerism and online shopping are prevalent. There are certain products we use often and we just can’t make everything from scratch at home. That is not our agenda.


We are here to help you out with the best alternative products. We started with household and personal care products and are growing to additional product categories such as clothing and shoes.


Our pledge to you is that our recommendations are based on personal experience, and align with sustainability values such as the packaging, materials used, social aspects of the manufacturing companies and more.

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Hi! I’m Irete Hamdani,
the Founder and CEO of askBelynda.

When my family and I relocated to the US last 2018, I was both impressed and troubled by the online shopping experience that most Americans indulge in. Almost everything you need is just a few clicks away.

But this ease made me feel that it masks the underlying infrastructure… “How much of a carbon footprint impact do my choices make?”

This question was the beginning of my journey of creating a tool that could help us, conscious consumers, live a more sustainable lifestyle without falling victim to greenwashing. As a parent, I want to leave my daughters on a planet where they can freely breathe clean air, play in streams, and be free to explore the outdoors.

I’m on a journey to a cleaner, better world. Join me.

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