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A Small Comfort

“Don’t forget to wash your hands first!”

It seems like no matter how many times I tell my kids to wash their hands before they eat, they are still forgetful. Now, with Covid-19, washing our hands time and time again has become a new overwhelming ritual. Hand soap is one of the household cleaning products that we positively overuse. Suddenly, this scene with Jack Nicholson from “As Good as it Gets” doesn’t seem so farfetched…


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


Some off-the-shelf antibacterial soap brands have dangerous ingredients as this article published by the FDA denotes. In our home, we use natural liquid handsoap manufactured by CleanCult. It’s safe for all skin types, which is especially important for my youngest daughter’s super sensitive skin. It keeps our hands healthy, protected and moisturized with Coconut oil, Olive Oil and Vitamin E. And they smell so nice too!

Hand holding refillable carton of soap next to Cleancult dispenser with pump

They work with a subscription model where the first purchase comes with reusable glass bottles and then each subsequent shipment is just the refills. The refills are recyclable cartons that look like milk cartons. You can schedule the shipment frequency and they send you a mail a few days in advance of shipment to see if you would like to add any other products to the shipment or delay if you're still not running low on product.

In our unprecedented stressful reality, with limited freedom of movement or physical contact, it’s a small comfort to have a pleasant experience washing your hands. I’ll take that for all it’s worth.


Want to check out more soap products? Head on over to our recommended laundry products page.

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