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Bar Soap is Back

We've been so busy testing and improving our plugin (available here: Sustainable Shopping Made Simple) that I haven't been able to find the time to sit down and write this post. Over the last few months I've been trying out some brands of bar soap. I even tried making a batch on my own, but that's for a different post.


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


Why go back to bar soap? Several reasons.

First off, no big plastic containers. I think avoiding plastic containers is the best thing anyone can do for the environment. Even the recyclable ones. When you read up on the facts you reach the discouraging conclusion that less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled.

Second, there's less waste and a smaller carbon footprint with bar soap. For example, bar soaps weigh less than liquid soap in plastic containers, which can mean lower transportation emissions per unit.

Third, a lot of the bar soaps are made from natural, healthy ingredients. That's not to say all bar soaps are necessarily eco-friendly, but generally speaking they are more reliable in that sense.

And finally, they usually smell amazing, feel good on the skin and are just fun! For anyone my age and older, they remind me of using bar soap as a child.

My Recommendations

The first brand I tried was Pacha. They were just there, in a huge display at Wholefoods. No packaging, no waste. I must have tried 4 or 5 different ones til now and they're all great. I like that they are Leaping Bunny certified, that they use essential oils and all-natural colorants, and that they don't use harsh surfactants, parabens, phthalates and silicones. I also like that they make the soap locally within the US. They're located in Hastings, Nebraska.

I didn't want to drill any holes in our shower tiles, so I just opted for a Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Soap Dish. It's got really strong suction, and doesn't look like it'll come off on it's own.


The next brand I tried was Splendor Santa Barbara. I admit I couldn't find too much information on the company but they claim their soaps are made in the USA, in Santa Barbara, CA, with food-grade coconut oil, No Palm Oil, No Alcohol, No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Soy, No GMO's, Gluten-Free, No Phthalates, Not tested on animals, No plastic and No Artificial colors. I tried their handmade Activated Charcoal & Rose Clay Spa Face & Body Bar Soap. The combination was really interesting. You could feel the difference between the charcoal and the rose clay. It smells wonderful without being too strong.


Saving the best for last, a friend recently gifted this amazing Alighiero Campostrini Lemon Italian Luxury Bath Soap made from a recipe that dates back to 1894. Way back before we had all of those harsh chemicals. The scent I got was Lemon that smells amazing! and its full of moisturizer. These are really high end soaps so only for gifts and when you want to splurge on something luxurious.

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