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Doing the Laundry, Organically

It’s such a myth that you need harsh, industry-grade chemicals to get clothes clean. Having 2 kids, running an Airbnb and generally being active, I have high standards when it comes to getting our clothes clean and stain free. Here are 3 products I use that I guaranty get the job done without the chemicals, and without the sizable plastic containers that end up filling up our landfills.


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets

Earth Breeze laundry sheets. Small envelope sized sheets that come in a biodegradable cardboard packaging. They have 2 options: ‘Fragrance Free’ and ‘Fresh Linen Scent’. Honestly can’t tell the difference, the fresh scent isn’t too strong.

What I like about this company is that in addition to the products’ ingredients being vegan friendly, they do not use plastic packaging. And because their packaging is so light weight, they are able to reduce the transportation of carbon footprint significantly. Made in Oregon.

Biodegradable cardboard packaging with NO plastic. Laundry detergent compressed into powerful eco-friendly sheets. Hot or cold washing. Works with all machines HE included.

Stain Remover from Traverse Bay Bath and Body

Stain Remover from Traverse Bay Bath and Body. These smell amazing! My laundry room is so fun to go into due to their smell. You can either rub them into the stain or cut a sliver off and put in with the regular wash. They use only plant based oils and butters and pure essential oils and come in a cloth bag. Like I mentioned above, I run an Airbnb guest room and I keep the linen immaculate with the help of this stain remover. Made in Michigan.


Lastly, Cleancult Dryer Balls. Especially during the winter, clothes in the dryer build up a lot of static. These reusable (up to 1000 loads!) balls reduce the static cling and soften the clothes. What I like about this company is how important it is for them to be a green company. They’ve redefined the ingredients, the packaging and the shipping with the environment in mind.

Packed with 100% New Zealand wool


Want to check out more laundry products? Head on over to our recommended laundry products page.

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