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Thanksgiving Packages

We are so thankful for so many things. Our neighbors are definitely one of them. When we moved to our house a year and a half ago we had no idea how amazing the families that live on our street are, and in the recent months since the pandemic started we’ve just gotten closer.


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


In the past few weeks we put together the following and yesterday we handed them out:

1. Vegan Chocolate Mousse:

Mix in a double boiler (2 pots on top of each other, the bottom one slightly bigger with hot water and the top one with the coconut milk and chocolate chips) and pour into serving dishes. One of our neighbors added raspberries said it was delicious together.

2. Mint Tea: dried mint leaves from our garden. These were picked before the cold weather came in. I cut the steams with leaves and put them in a brown paper bag in the sun for a few days until they’re dry. Then, take the leaves off gently, careful not to crumble them. Makes for green loose-leaf mint tea throughout the winter

4. Hand made soap – truth is I got a lot of products from a friend, mixed them all up and put in molds. I’ll try to get the whole list and publish in a separate article.

Complete with 2nd grade handwriting 😊 and a few packaging material:

Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful for what you have.

Thanksgiving Packages gifts made by kids

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