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The Women's Bean Project

There's something very comforting about soup. Imagine a long wooden dinning table, snow falling outside, fire blazing in the fireplace and a nice big bowl of soup.


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


I stumbled upon the 10 Bean Soup Mix by the Women's Bean Project at Wholefoods a couple of years back. It was a kit with the simplest recipe to put together and tasted very good. Only after a while did I look into the back story.

Women's Bean Project Lentil Soup Mix

The box itself has a label with the name of the woman that put it together. The side of the package states that the project hires women "who have been chronically unemployed". The web site further explains that they are a nonprofit and that the women they employ "learn to stand tall, find their purpose and break the cycle of poverty". I think that this is so commendable.

I've since begun reading the women's personal stories. I encourage you to read Keri's story as well as the others. I also like that they are established right here in Denver, CO.

In addition to being tasty, healthy and nutritious, the social aspects of this program absolutely hit the mark. I've since tried out the Lentil Soup Mix and the Spicy Chili Mix and both are fabulous.

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