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Tea brewing

I am on a journey to a simpler life. Not without the luxury, just without the clutter. This takes various shapes and forms. Working from home clearly sets different boundaries and different habits. And now that it’s winter outside, I really enjoy a good pot of tea throughout the day. I’ve recently come across Tiesta Tea - Cocoa Mint Chill, Loose Leaf Chocolate Peppermint Herbal Tea which I like. They sent it over with a sample of their Tiesta Tea - Chocolate Ginger Turmeric Spiced Cocoa Rooibos Tea which is amazing. All of their teas are caffeine free.


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


As I always do, I looked into their company before my first purchase. They are based in Chicago, IL and have several local, national and global social programs that I think are amazing.

If you don’t have a loose-leaf tea strainer, they have several on their website such as their brew master.

What are your favor blends? I’d love to try them out!

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