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Transition of a Shaving Tradition

When I turned 17, my father bought me my first electric shaver. I remember the feeling of excitement with a tint of anxiety towards the ceremony of my first shave. Since then, I’ve switched quite a few electric shavers, but to me, shaving has always been a chore, a part of my morning rituals. That was true until my 40th birthday.


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


“A shaving experience can, and should, be considered a relaxing, even meditative, moment in a man’s day”, said a good friend of mine, whom I well know for his appeal for shaving blades, amongst other hygienic high-end tools and appliances. Personally, I never had the patience for using a razor, wearing the shaving lotion and preparing the sink for a mess… But when he got me the Mira Handmade Razor by Imperium I rediscovered the hand shaving experience – and got hooked.

This unique razor is beautifully hand-crafted of FSC sustainable “pale moon ebony” hardwood. It’s perfectly balanced and gives a sense of luxury and class. I use it with Gillette blades. Yet the grooming experience isn’t complete without a fine shaving cream. I recommend Dr. Bronner's - Organic Shaving Soap, which is made of natural organic ingredients. It feels just great! To top it off, I use Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Aftershave to sooth my skin and reduce post-shave razor rash. Try it out!

My eldest son turned 17 just a few months ago. Guess what I got him for his birthday 😊

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