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Product Review of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Scent Booster

Ever since I started using environmentally safe laundry products (see Doing the Laundry), I haven’t found a way to restore the amazing fragrance my laundry used to have when I was using chemical products. I find this ironic since most of the scents are modeled after natural scents such as lavender.


Sustainable Shopping Made Simple


My first attempt was the Mrs Meyer’s product. I generally like Mrs Meyer’s products. They’re ecofriendly and high quality.

Truth is I didn’t find it added much of a scent to my laundry. I tried different amounts of the crystals and still it left a very faint scent.

I’ve just ordered The Good Home Co Lavender Laundry Fragrance from Lavender Fields Online, I hope to be able to report on better results!


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